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Old paradigm …

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Why is Slingshot Power doing this?

We at Slingshot care deeply about the world and everyone in it.   We’re concerned about the irreparable harm industrialization has caused, and while there were many positives, it’s a fact that we are leaving the planet in far worse condition that when we got it.   This makes us feel bad, sad and a little bit guilty. While not all our fault, the bulk of the mess has occurred largely on our watch.  Now countries like India and China are seeking industrialization and already in their major cities, the smoke and pollution levels are becoming untenable.   Friends who recently stayed in Beijing and New Delhi had to literally wear gas masks.  To further add fuel to the fire, nearly 2 billion people (nearly 1.5 billion in India and China) still don’t have the electrical infrastructure they need to properly join the global economy.   If they get access to power via the conventional means of coal, gas, and nuclear, our planet’s problems will geometrically accelerate.

The good news is we are in a position to do something about it.   It’s not too late.  Thus, we are launching Rainmakers.   Our objective is to get a million people in this program over the next 12 months.   Does that sound like a lot?   Facebook adds 1 million new members every 3 days. With the power of social media and good old- fashioned word of mouth, we believe we can do it.

What would happen if a million people joined and each had person go solar per month?   We would be able generate enough energy to have all million completely off the grid!   Their energy footprint would be zero and we would not have to add more costly plants as the population growth continues.

Pretty awesome, huh?


To learn more about us, I want you to see two videos.   One is about the opportunity we have to save the planet, a reminder of why we’re here.   Two, is a small reminder about the world we want and how we can all play our part.   After seeing these videos, you’ve have a better idea what we stand for – our brand, our values.

If what you see appeals to you, please read on.

Why Rainmakers Club?

Solar cells were invented in Bell Labs in 1954 and in the 62 years to follow, 1 million homes and businesses have gone solar.   Facebook reaches this number in 3 days, and we believe our cause is more profound than theirs.   The good news is the two are not mutually exclusive. Thus, we created Rainmaker to disrupt this industry like it has never been before.

Who is Behind Slingshot?

Slingshot is full of committed, passionate, and humble people.  We’ve come from academic institutions like MIT, Stanford, Wharton, Princeton, Duke, UCLA, Harvard Business School, and Stanford Business School.  And companies like: McKinsey & Company, Nike, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, and various Venture, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds.  One of our board members was even CEO of the Dallas Mavericks.  By all metrics, we’ve been successful and had the opportunity to literally do nearly anything.  We chosen to create the #1 Clean Energy brand and enable thousands to make money through enlightened entrepreneurship, what can be more rewarding than this!

Want insight into what inspires us?

Please watch this video.  Do you share our values?

I don’t know anything about Solar or Sales?  Can I be successful?

Yes, in fact in some ways, the less you know, the better you are.  We will train you from the start.
Setup appointments for qualified people to hear about solar.  Slingshot Power will take it from there.  How do you get leads?  Here are a few ideas, though there are many, many more.
Talk to your friends and post on social media.  Setup a table at a home show or fair.  Partner with anyone with a customer base like pool services companies, HVAC, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, CPAs.
Offer a $25 cash prize for every meeting someone takes (or another prize)
Stand outside a coffee shop, organic grocery store, big box retailer or anywhere and give them a gift certificate to the store if they qualify for a meeting
Work with organizations like schools, sports teams, boy/girl scouts, etc and give them $25 for every meeting.  It’s much better than selling girl scout cookies!

Why join Rainmakers Club?

Joining Rainmakers Club means you are on the front lines of the mission to preserve our planet for our grandkids. It means you decided to take action versus wait for politicians, a utility board, or a Copenhagen-like Summit to do the right thing.  You have taken the power and we admire you for that.
The advantage of joining now is with like many MLM programs, there is a huge economic advantage to be a first mover.   You friends will be under you in the hierarchy, not the other way around. So what are you waiting for?

How much can I earn?  How will I get paid?

Rainmakers Club uses the tried and true powers of multilevel marketing and aims it laser beams on Clean Energy. What does this mean?   It means that if you join and build your network, you can make $5-10k a month working part-time.   And if you do this full-time?   There is no reason why you couldn’t make $250,000 per year, set your own hours, be your own boss, and have a blast doing it. And did we mention your grandkids will be proud of you?

How much do I need to invest?

Join Rainmakers Club and get trained on the basics and pay for your starter kit ($399) which includes everything you need to get started.   This fee will be waived through September 30, 2016.

How many Hours do I need to work?

You pick the hours.  We have some that choose to only work non-sunny days (why waste good sun/surf?) and others who work non-stop but are having so much fun, they don’t realize they’re working

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain in Slingshot Power’s Rainmakers Club?

No.  It’s 100% up to you if/when you want to sell.  Just remember, there’s a 70% chance every homeowner you meet can benefit from solar

How much do I need to invest?

The only investment is your time, energy, and passion.  Of course, this is priceless.

What is the Amaze & Delight Guarantee?

Slingshot promises that you will be very impressed and happy with our level of service to you and to the end customers.  We know you’re busy so we’ve put much of the material online so you can self-serve, but our teams are on standby if you ever have a question or concern.  We exist only to serve you.

I run a 70 person sales team.  Could my company join Rainmakers Club?

Rainmakers Club is for individuals, small businesses, and larger companies.  All have unique assets and our goal is to make each very successful.  If you recruited 70 people, and each did 2 sales a month, you’d make $29,000 per month.  Not bad for helping save the planet.



Make thousands per month just working part-time!  Interested in full-time?  Our top folks make $20,000 per month.


It’s up to you how much you want to work and how many people you want to recruit under your team.  Some set one appointment a month, others 10 a week.  Want to work extra hard in the summer and ski all winter?  Great plan!


Slingshot pledges to provide you the best support imaginable. We know you’re busy and would like to minimize the learning curve. That’s our pledge to you!


$50 for confirmed appointment. $400 for closed lead you get yourself.

$25 for confirmed appointment set by a recruit. $200 for closed lead from a person you recruit.

$10 for a confirmed appointment by your recruit’s recruit. $100 for closed lead.

Make $5 for a confirmed appointment from Tier 4’s recruits. $50 for closed lead by a Team 4 member.

$2.50 for confirmed appointment set by a Tier 5 member. $25 for closed lead from a Team 5 member.

$1 for confirmed appointment set by a Tier 6 member. $10 for closed lead from a Team 6 member.

Fun Fact:

If you sign up 5 people and they each sign up 2, and if you and everyone under you submit 20 leads per month leading to appointments (less than 1 per day per day), and 35% close (less than our average close rate), you will make $18,150 per month!

What are you waiting for?

Best products and financing solutions

From Sunpower to LG to Solar Edge, we have access to the industry’s top products at attractive dealer pricing.  In addition, we provide amazing financing so your customers can own their system, benefit from savings day one, and put no money down!

Engineering and install teams rock

From site survey, to engineered drawings, to installation day, there is no company more meticulous and focused on awesome service than Slingshot Power.  We are the Nordstroms/Zappos of the solar industry and you and your customers will benefit.  Smiles all around.

We will get you paid FAST

We pledge to offer the fastest install speeds in the industry, most times within 30 days.  Faster installs mean happier customers and faster checks going to you!

Fred Jones

I was a mortgage broker for the past 5 years and have a lot of people in my contact list. Solar is the future so it was the perfect add-on to my business.

Samantha Richards

I’m a stay at home mom who cares about the planet.  Slingshot was an amazing way from me to make some extra cash.  Instead of trunk shows, I throw solar parties!  It is easiest and most fun way to make money.

Tony Granderson

I am a busy executive at a high tech company.  My son showed me Slingshot Power and thought it would be interesting.  I am working with him and his business is now off and running

Preti Patel

I know several small businesses who wanted to save on their electrical spend.  Hooking up with Slingshot Power was easy and within two weeks, I received my first check!

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What does a Rainmaker do?

Have Fun

Meet people like you do everyday.  For those who’d like save the planet and get extra money for doing it, get their address and electric bill.

Qualify those who can Save

Set an appointment for our Sales Support Center and you’ll have a thumbs up or thumbs down.  70% of homes & businesses are great candidates for solar energy (shading, roof type, orientation, etc), but don’t worry, less than 1% of people have Solar thus far, so lots of opportunity!!!

Review Solar Savings

We will meet with your referral to do a 30 minute savings analysis.  If they like what they see, they will sign a contract and we’ll take it from there.

Sit back and Enjoy the Ride

Via the Slingshot Power Rainmakers Club Dashboard, you’ll be in the loop as to where in the process all of your customers are.  Be as hands on or hands off as you wish!