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Solar Panels Sacramento Area Slingshot Power Promise: With a 30 min meeting, a 30 day install, you get 30 years of free energy.

Slingshot Power is focused on bringing solar electricity to Sacramento. Slingshot Power is committed to taking care of all of our customers through the entire transformation process, from that first consultation until your solar array is up and running.

For Sacramento homeowners and businesses, the Slingshot Power approach is reasonable – and reliable. We offer free system design and installation, as well as monitoring once things are in place. Financing is available for those who need it. Our Sacramento team collaborates with the local utility and city building departments to get the rebates and credits that solar installation provides.

We put your roof to work producing cheaper energy, now. Enjoy a higher home value, cheaper energy, and a greener tomorrow.  Owning solar saves you up to 75% off your electric bill.  Right now, owners are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, due to expire end of 2016

5 Year payback, a priceless gift for the next generation

With today’s lower costs, you can now buy a solar system for the same money you’ll pay your utility anyway for the next five years. 

We are service fanatics

We are your clean energy partner. With free annual check ups, a first in the industry re-roofing program, and a holistic approach to your power, your home will produce more energy and consume less.

We make the complicated, easy

Our consultative approach allows you to make highly informed decisions in a rapidly changing and confusing industry. From the type of panels you need, to whether a Tesla backup system makes sense now, we walk you through the smart choices on smart energy. The products we use will be powering your home for your grandchildren.

Our services:

  • Solar Power Installation
  • Annual maintenance
  • Free clean
  • Free energy audit
  • EV charger installation
  • Backup battery installation

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