Why Choose An EV?

In 2000, the price for a gallon of gas jumped from less than a dollar up to two dollars. And this was almost unthinkable. Now, a decade later, the price of gas is over $4, and it’s only going to get worse. Given what we know about the dirty ways in which we get and burn gas, we need a change.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: Electric Vehicles.

This cutting edge new way of driving is going to change the way we live. By ending our dependence on dirty fossil fuels, we can end the cycle of rising energy prices and help reverse the environmental impact of our fossil fuel economy. A total energy solution from Slingshot Power can replace your monthly gas bill AND your electric bill, powering your home and your car, all with the power of the sun.

Take control of your energy by going solar today!

Super Cool / High Quality Performance

When was the last time you owned a car that could do 0 to 60 in 7 seconds? Electric Vehicles are THE coolest cars on the market! These are high performance vehicles that will save you money and the planet.

Minimal to No Maintenance / Little to No Noise

Electric Vehicles require less maintenance. Without the burdens of gas tanks and combustion engines, EVs have fewer moving parts and don’t require the same constant attention your old gas guzzlers. Another perk, less moving parts means a more quiet ride.

Zip along in the Carpool Lane

Electric Vehicles are eligible for the carpool lane. Not only will you be whizzing by long lines at the pump. You’ll be cruising past dirty, polluting vehicles when they are bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic!

Driving Range is Good

The range on a fully charged EV ranges between about 60-250 miles, depending on make and model. So you can comfortably drive to work, get the kids soccer practice, and stop by the grocery store for dinner, on a single charge. And charging at home means you control your range. No having to squeeze in stops at gas stations with long lines. Let your home EV charging station do the work while you sleep.

Great Driving Experience

Don’t take our word for it. See what EV drivers are saying.

Zero Emissions

EVs are a great choice for the environment, since they do not burn gasoline. Slingshot will make your EV as clean as your electricity.Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation