Congratulations on your purchase of a new Electric Vehicle!

Say goodbye to high gas prices and scouring your GPS for the nearest station. From now on, your car will be powered by electricity in your own home!

Option 1:

You can plug your EV right into the wall and it will charge in approximately 12-14 hours, using a standard Level 1 EV Charger.

Option 2:

A state of the art Level 2 EV Charging Station will cut your charging time down to 4 hours!

Slingshot Power specializes in the design and installation of residential Level 2 EV Charging Systems. We’ll get you on the road to mile after mile of clean, gas free driving.

Why Should Slingshot Power install a Level 2 EV Charging Station?

Fast Charge

A Level 2 EV Charging Station will cut your recharge time in half. Get on the road faster by upgrading your charging station today.

Faster Permitted Install

Electricians from the phone book MIGHT call you back and MAYBE they’ll get a permit. Meet with a Slingshot Energy Ambassadors, and your permitted EV charging station will be ready within 30 days.

Fastest Savings

Stop paying for $4 gas! A complete energy solution from Slingshot Power can pay for itself in as little as two years. Call Slingshot Power today to find out how to own your power.