You chose all the best in life; the highest quality in food, clothing, and all the essentials. Why choose any differently when it comes to your power?

Sunpower Panels

Slingshot is proud to be a SunPower Premier dealer. Unlike those other guys who only provide cut-rate panels, we take pride in offering the industry’s leading product to ensure your system is of the highest quality. With the highest efficiency and a 25 year warranty, your SunPower panels will form the backbone of your total energy solution from Slingshot Power.


Don’t be fooled by other companies that sell you high quality panels and cut corners on the rest of the system. Slingshot Power’s holistic approach to your energy includes optimizing all aspects of your system to generate maximum power and give you the greatest return. Our panels are paired with a SolarEdge inverter to ensure your Solar System operates at peak efficiency.


When you buy a car, you buy it knowing that you’re buying a product from a company that has survived the test of time. There’s decades of reliability behind the logo on your hood. You deserve the same peace of mind from the charging station powering your electric vehicle. Slingshot Power is proud to offer Electric Vehicle charging systems from Eaton. Their 100 years of experience in the power distribution industry means you can rest easy knowing your EV charging needs are being met by the experts. Eaton provides a wide range of commercial charging options, including pay by card options and RFID technology.

Slingshot LED

Slingshot LED Lighting

Since the days of campfires and signal fires, lighting has been key to everything we do. We often take it for granted, but the right lighting can make a huge difference on your work environment. People are happier, friendlier and more energetic in a properly lit workspace. Let Slingshot Power help you see the light with our wide range of LED options. They’ll not only save you money by lowering your energy usage, they’ll help you see things in a whole new light. And with an expected life of 12 years, they’re a great long term investment!