Owning your power means having choices.

And Slingshot Power is committed to providing you with a meaningful choice for financing your Total Energy Solution.

When going solar, you are purchasing a product with a 25 year guarantee and a 40 year lifespan. The right financing options can help you see immediate returns while securing lasting performance.

Know Your Choices

Your first choice is whether you want to own, or if you prefer to lease or secure a power purchase agreement. In this case, solar power is a service that you obtain from solar panels on your roof. You have the freedom to go solar with no money down and no maintenance obligations. All you need to do is replace your expensive utility bill with a cheaper, cleaner source of energy.

Choose To Own

For those who do choose to own their solar system, there are a variety of options that keep clean energy simplified. Capital loans and leases can also be done for no money down, while providing owners peace of mind with complete monitoring and lifetime maintenance from Slingshot Power. Imagine having your energy costs fixed for the next 40 years while taking advantage of Investment Tax credits and other exciting rebates for solar, LED lighting and EV charging stations.

Choose To Finance

For even greater flexibility, the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program provides the option for transferable ownership. The PACE program provides financing for Green upgrades based on the value of the property. And the financing is linked to the property, not to an individual or corporation, so the financing and ownership transfers with the property! The 20 year term will complete within the life of your Total Energy Solution, and with 100% of the purchase price available for financing, your investment will ensure you have positive cash flow from day one.

Going Green shouldn’t put you in the Red. Get in the Black today and contact Slingshot Power to find out how to invest in your future.