Do you know what the best Solar Panel on the market is? How about the best inverter? Or the best racking? What are the Germans doing?

It can be overwhelming trying to understand the technology behind what makes a great solar system, never mind understanding the viability of the latest energy efficiency technologies or battery backup. Luckily, Slingshot Labs is here to help!

Slingshot Labs is the place where the best minds in the industry have come together. Our team of experts has a hundred plus years combined experience as venture capitalists, CEOs, and product managers who thoroughly assess new technologies and the companies behind them. We look at return on investments, forward and backward compatibility, product roadmaps, quality of warranties, and total cost of ownership. Our experience and expertise are on your side as we evaluate the latest offerings on the market and build the best possible system from the best possible components. In the rapidly evolving market of Clean Energy, Slingshot Labs will help you maximize your investment without gambling on risky technologies or overpaying for the newest stuff.

Don’t let changing technology hinder you from saving money and helping our dear planet. With Slingshot Labs, the future is bright!

More Information to come!