A Message From Our CEO Ravi Chiruvolu

I am so happy to share this phone video with you that was submitted to the local Fresno news. Two of our install team members were caught in an act of heroism the other day. They were the first at the scene of a terrible crash involving a semi-truck. They parked our Slingshot truck and ran to climb the semi-truck that was on it’s side to help get the driver and passenger of the truck out safely. There were other courageous civilians who also lent a hand to help carry the men down from the semi. This act of heroism by the two young gentlemen fully embodies our company values.

You want to know what they had to say about it, “that could have been us. We were stopped at the stop light right beside the truck. If we had gone right when the light turned green we would have been the ones to get t-boned and would have flipped. We just wanted to help get the driver and passenger out as quickly as possible.” The guys have been friends for years and now are colleagues at Slingshot Power. “We’re so happy we were together when this happened, be able to work together to get them out safely, and that we are ok.”

A Message from Our CEO

We started Slingshot Power because we are nostalgic for great relationships. Back when Main St was thriving and when going to the corner store felt like a reunion.  Back when we really knew our neighbors and community spirit was the norm.  Back when kids played outside after school and could come home, unsupervised, without worry.   Back when we had long term, trusted relationships with service providers from doctors to handymen.

My favorite scene of any movie is this.  I’m not embarrassed to say I get slightly teary eyed every time I see it.

Given our nostalgia, we set out to create a Clean Energy company that is different than an ordinary contractor. A company where great service isn’t a slogan but imbedded in everything we do.   To do this, we started by incorporating as a Public Benefit Corporation – the only one in clean energy to do so.  This means we can make money and do good for our community without having to choose.  Next, we picked our hometown, Los Altos, CA, and found a little place on Main St with a picture window right out of the 1960’s.  We then added some reclaimed wood and flat screen TVs and made it natural yet modern.   We then selected the best products in the industry and negotiated amazing pricing such that we could pass the savings on to customers. We then created service packages so attractive that, when done, all of us wanted to be customers ourselves. What did we end up with? A company we are deeply proud of and one that we hope you will too.

What makes Slingshot’s service special?   Let us count the ways.

(1) We want to have a 25 year relationship with you.   Given your system will last that long, we feel it’s our duty to be around.  We encourage you to call us anytime and ask us anything on your mind like which type of fridge or pool pump should I buy? This is different than others who too small to offer or too big to care.

(2) We provide a re-roofing program to ensure that if plans change, you always have the flexibility to take down your panels. We will come do that and put them back up at the time and place of your choosing, at cost.

(3) We will store information about all your appliances (make, model, efficiency, warranty info) and enable you to access it. And when something needs replacement, we will help you select the optimal technology given your energy profile.

(4) We think about the world holistically and are constantly testing new technologies and will introduce them to you when they are ready. From energy generation, energy efficiency, energy storage and pool heaters, we’re thinking about you, and always here to advise when needed.

Like what you see?   Please call us and watch our sales team put this into practice.   And stop losing $20 per day by staying on your local utility, money is precious!

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A Message From Our CEO

I think it’s hard to watch this video and not be moved. The world and all our problems seem so big, that we wonder what can we do? The good news is the answer is simple: we should do what we can, because even little things matter. If millions embrace this idea, we can make tidal waves of positive change.

There’s a lot of talk in Corporate America about “values.” And while that’s great, why should “Corporate Values” be different than personal values? Robert Fulghum’s ideals like share everything, play fair, and clean up your own mess should apply to businesses just as they do to kindergartners.

I think as the world has gotten busier and more complicated, we’ve lost sight of consequences of our actions and increasingly feel our lack of progress (around inequality, disease, poverty, resource scarcity) is inevitable.   We are frustrated, don’t know what to do, and don’t have the bandwidth to solve it. Some of us decide to run for office as a means of catalyzing change, but over the past fifteen years, we seen the depressing limitations of that.

This is why I started Slingshot Power. Because it doesn’t make sense that we should pay premiums for dirty energy and wonder how to clean up the mess. We shouldn’t be embroiled in wars in the Middle East for oil we shouldn’t need.   We shouldn’t put gas in our cars when Clean Energy can take us everywhere we need to go.   Thus, let’s be in the business of doing the right thing, the right way, and not waiting for someone else to do it. If enough of us take this initiative, the little things will add up, and we will make a difference. If every fifteen seconds, enough energy hits the Earth to power humanity for a day, what are we waiting for?

I’m proud of our business, because there are no corporate values. There’s just good personal values; values that our employees and our customers share. Together, all the little things we do add up and make a real difference. Individually, none of us may ever be recognized for it, but in our hearts, we will know that we helped Launch the Clean Energy Future.

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